4 Benefits of Playing the Piano



Playing the piano brings several benefits that go above and beyond it being an enjoyable hobby to have. Pianists receive an abundance of perks from playing this instrument that enhances their all-around health – both physically and mentally. Here are 4 benefits that come from playing the piano.

  1. Improved Brain Function

Yes, it’s true! Piano playing increases cognitive development and stimulates our brains in ways that few activities can’t. They help build discipline, sharpen our minds, and even improves our verbal memory.

  1. Good for The Body

Though you’re sitting down the entire time, playing piano results in a workout for your body. Motor skills and eye-hand coordination are constantly being refined. Like exercise, this activity improves your mood, decreases levels of stress, and has even been shown to lower blood pressure while increasing the immune system.

  1. All Ages Are Welcome

There is no specific age or skill level required when wanting to learn how to play the piano. All you need to learn is a willingness to learn, consistency, and motivation. This is a great instrument to pick up regardless of your age.

  1. It’s Affordable

Pianos come in different prices giving you options that work for your budget. As you grow as a pianist and have enough money saved, you can upgrade to a more suitable option. While many learners hire instructors to teach them how to play, there is the option to teach yourself through video tutorials and piano books for beginners.